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5 februari 2010: fantastic results for 'our' dogs at Eindhoven International Dogshow:
....... - Cheveyo The One and Only (Eames),
owner Fam. van der Sar, gets 1 Excellent and takes Open Class
....... - Cheveyo Intrepid Ibex (Roxy),
owner Theo Woerde, takes 1 Very Promising, winning her Puppy Class
....... - our Chynook won her (Champion) Class, winning CAC, CACIB, ending up as
....... scoring her last needed ticket for International Champion
....... - and also our own Flayme gets 1 Excellent in Intermediate Class, taking Res.CAC and Res.CACIB
24 januari 2010: At the biggest International Clubmatch in the Benelux at Waalwijk
....... - Cheveyo Intrepid Ibex (Roxy),
owner Theo Woerde, takes 1 Very Promising, winning her Puppy Class
14 februari 2010: at his first show in Puppy Class our own Rayven - 'Cheveyo Hardy Heron' won his class, became Best Puppy of Breed and ended as

3rd Best Puppy In Show
6 maart 2010: At the Martini International Dogshow in Groningen, Cheveyo The One and Only (Eames),
...... litter brother to our own Eyak, finishes his
Dutch Championship.
...... A big congratulations to his owners Fam. van der Sar. We're very proud, keep up the good work.
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7 maart 2010: We wish Jozina and Willem van der Sar lots of pleasure and succes with their new girl
...... Cheveyo Feisty Fawn "Wenona".
25 juli 2010: another great weekend at the International DogShow in Luik (B):
....... - our Eyak gets Reserve CAC-CACIB
....... - and also our Flayme takes the Reserve CAC-CACIB
....... - Cheveyo Red Hot Chili Pepper (Cody) gets Excellent, second in his class
....... - and last but not least Cheveyo DreamKeeper (Utah) wins her class, taking the CAC-CACIB,
........ ending as
BOS, Golden Winner 2010

So another big congratulation to their proud owners Dave & Claudia; keep up the good work ...
september 2010: fantastic results for some of our offspring at Italian International dog shows:
....... - Cheveyo Wild at Heart ("Moon") wins
Res. Best Puppy In Show
....... - Cheveyo Dapper Drake ("Jade") wins Res. Best Junior In Show
......... and becomes Mediterranean Junior Champion

Big congratulations to their proud owners Monica & Peter!
24 oktober 2010: In only 3 shows our own Rayven "Cheveyo Hardy Heron" finishes his
Dutch Junior Championship at the International Dogshow Utrecht
7 november 2010: The versatility of American Akitas shows that there is nothing an Akita cannot
achieve if YOU want it to: after a training trail of 610 km Theo Woerde and his wonderful Roxy
"Cheveyo Intrepid Ibex" finish their UV (Endurance) Exam. A big congratulation for this fantastic
achievement !!!
13 november 2010: Fantastic results today at the NVAI Dutch Akita Specialty: both our Rayven
..... (Cheveyo Hardy Heron) as well as our Flayme (Nakodo's Faith On Fyre) win their classes and
..... and up as Reserve Best Dog resp. Reserve Best Bitch !!!
27 november 2010: at the famous International Dogshow 'Amsterdam Winner' our Rayven
..... (Cheveyo Hardy Heron) wins his class and becomes
Junior Winner 2010.
12 december 2010: and more fantastic results at the Wijchen International Dogshow:
..... our own Flayme takes Reserve Best Bitch and finishes her
Dutch Championship
..... Utah (Cheveyo DreamKeeper) wins Intermediate Class (owners Dave & Claudia)
..... and Cody (Cheveyo Red Hot Chili Pepper) takes Reserve Best Dog (owners Dave & Claudia)
16 januari 2011: KC Waalwijk, on his first appearance as a Veteran our Yurok becomes
..... Best of Breed and finally
4th in Group 5
28 mei 2011: after a short break we started showing again and with great results:
- @ the International Dogshow Oss Eyak takes the Reserve CAC and CACIB
- and our Flayme takes CAC & CACIB, ending up as
4 juni 2011: again a fantastic weekend at the Dutch Jubilee Akita Champion Clubmatch Specialty:
- Yurok wins Veteran Class, takes Reserve CAC and wins
Best Veteran in Show
july 2011: we congratulate Monica and Pietro (Legendary Dogs, Italy) for winning the
Croatian Championship with their beautiful girl "Moon" (Cheveyo Wild At Heart)
18 september 2011: at the wonderfull CM KC 's-Hertogenbosch show our Rayven wins Best Of Breed,
Best In Group en finally 4th Best In Show
7 september 2011: after 12½ years together we decided to Seal The Deal
with the perfect wedding at the beautiful island of Samos, Greece!
2 october 2011: at the Zwolle International Dogshow our Rayven wins Reserve CAC/CACIB and with
..... this result he finishes his
Dutch Championship
15 october 2011: great results at the International Dortmund BundesSieger show:
..... Rayven wins Open Class and in the end gets Reserve CAC/CAC-AC/CACIB
..... Flayme wins Champion Class, gets the full CAC/CAC-AC/CACIB as
..... and herewith the
BundesSiegerin 2011 title!
19 november 2011: wij zijn supertrots te vermelden, dat Theo met zijn Roxy (Cheveyo Intrepid Ibex)
..... is geslaagd voor het VZH/BH diploma. Een unieke prestatie voor een American Akita.
Van harte gefeliciteerd !!!
..... Wij wensen Theo en Roxy veel succes in de vervolgtraining voor IPO-R (Reddingshond).
11 december 2011: a great day at the Wijchen International Dogshow 2011 and with a fantastic result.
..... at the age of nine our Yurok wins Veteran Class and finishes as
Best Veteran In Show.
3 februari 2012: another fantastic day at the International Dogshow Eindhoven:
..... Yurok wins Veteran Class and ends up as
Reserve Best Veteran In Show,
..... and with this result he also finishes his Dutch Veteran Championship.
..... Flayme wins Champion Class, taking BOS, finishing her International Championship
26 februari 2012: At the national Dutch Kennel Club competition for Best Dog of the Year 2011
..... (where all Best In Show Veterans were invited) our Yurok, BISS Multi Ch. CIB Melodor Wild Wolf,
..... takes
All Breeds Best Veteran of the Year 2011 (BIS) !!!
24 maart 2012: At the German Terrier/Akita Specialty in Hamm (Germany) our Flayme wins Champion Class
..... taking Reserve CAC-AC and finishes her
German VDH Championship !
28 oktober 2012: At the Hannover International Dogshow (Germany) our Rayven won Champion Class
..... taking full CAC, CACIB, ending up as
BOB and finishing his German VDH Championship !
1 december 2012: a fantastic weekend at the NIPPON INU Champion Clubmatch Specialty:
- Flayme wins Champion Class, takes full CAC and becomes
13 maart 2013:
6 gorgious puppies out of Eyak and Flayme were born:

4 boys and 2 girls
july 2013: we congratulate Monica and Pietro (Legendary Dogs, Italy) for winning the
International Championship with their beautiful girl "Moon" (Cheveyo Wild At Heart)
15 september 2013: at the wonderfull Clubmatch of KC 's-Hertogenbosch,
..... on her first appearance in the show ring, our Saedy wins
Best Baby In Show
7 februari 2014: at the Eindhoven International Dog Show our lovely Saedy wins Best Puppy Of Breed
and finally Best Puppy In Show !!!
10 mei 2014: at the EuropaSieger International Dog Show Dortmund our Saedy wins Best Junior Bitch, Best Junior of Breed and Reserve Best Bitch and herewith the title Junior Europasiegerin 2014 !!!
7 juni 2014: by winning Junior Class and becoming Reserve Best Bitch at the International Dog Show Arnhem our Saedy finished her Dutch Junior Champion !!!